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Sometimes we need little boosts to help us cultivate joy through the challenges of the day to day? Being open & available for all opportunities of joy can be easier with a better frame. I have a package with beautiful items that will inspire joy :

High quality scented candles in mentally inspiring colors of (1) White , (1) Yellow (1) Green

(1) Rose scented Incense box & (1) Sandalwood scented incense box

1 each of the following to calibrate the joy factor –

Citrine - The Citrine crystal has a fresh yellow color and is known as a lucky charm and a tool to attract wealth and abundance. It is a stone of prosperity and with it, you will be able to attract wealth and riches. The Citrine is a money stone and is great for people who are dealing with financial problems, living from hand to mouth, never having enough money and always struggling to pay the bills. The Citrine crystal is connected to the yellow solar plexus chakra between your heart and your navel. This chakra is the location of your will power and self confidence, and with the help of the a Citrine stone, you can heal issues related to this personal feature. The Citrine can amplify your energy level and boost your self esteem and ability to stand your ground and believe in your own choices and opinions.



The Joy Box


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