In the Essence bestselling novel, FOR EVERY LOVE THERE IS A REASON, Kenda Bell takes the reader into a multi-layered tale of choices and consequences of thirty-something best friends, Keilah and Norelle, who slip and slide with laughter and tears through their own mistakes, as they try to make sense of love on their own terms.



When barely-married, busybody Norelle figures out she is beginning to look and act like the woman she blames for her father’s death, she hopes her own indiscretions with her son’s father, Tariq, does not cost her the perfect husband when she receives unexpected news. While walking a tightrope of half-truths and lies for the sake of love, Norelle turns some of her energy toward helping her best friend, Keilah, look at the possibility of a second chance at love after receiving news that turns her world topsy-turvy.


What is Andre expecting from Keilah after he tells her? Keilah to explain away his emotional duality, or more specifically, is he expecting answers to questions that are left unasked between them after making a costly choice two years ago? While Andre attempts to deal with the pain of his past, and anxiety about his present circumstances on his own, Keilah attaches herself to a man who she knows is not right for her rather than contend with the emotional avalanche that began with the choices her mother made so many years ago.


Can she hold on for that special someone waiting just around the corner? When flashbacks of the past and present collide, both Norelle and Keilah ask themselves: What won’t we do for love? Norelle must deal with her own demons, while Keilah must get emotionally naked once and for all with Andre to put together the pieces of their past so they can go on—with or without each other. 

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