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The HBO adaptation of Matt Ruff's novel "Lovecraft Country" has creatively reopened not only the intellectual evaluation of racism, sexism & classism through the horror genre but also calls forth a metaphysical examination of legacy & ancestral knowledge ; much of which has been withheld from us by our own families.


Join me for a powerful webinar, Sun, Nov 8th , 5pm EST where I will share how decoding the messages is only step one to igniting the divine spark you were born with by activating your own DNA.

  • We are all on a hero’s journey. How can we navigate safe travels ?

  • Dreams are a way for our subconscious mind to allow the ego & higher self to reconcile

  • How can generational curses can be transformed into ancestral knowledge for NOW?

  • Generational curses are due in part to lack of generation to generation conversations. How do we remedy this?

  • The Divine Feminine is not exclusive to the nurturing mother archetype as presented in culture; it is the energetic foundation for all expressions of the feminine beyond mother & child

  • What is your lineage's "Book of Names"?

There is so much more , these are just a few of the many keys that unlock our ancestral vaults of power.



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Did you watch Season 1 of HBO's Lovecraft Country?
Do you know your family history beyond your grandparents?

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